Mirko B. Peeck - Cinematographer



Born 1981 in Hamburg Germany, based in Hamburg with my family - working where it takes me.  

In my early twenties I started working in the industry to become a cinematographer and I grew up working in different film-crews in many different places. From my grandfather, a well-known photographer at that time, I had learned things about photography and I already had a background in visual arts and music. … and my fascination for movies and good stories in general did the rest.

Using light for creating situations and moods, I learned from observing and taking pictures, from trying out and mostly from working with very talented people. I have been working as a gaffer for years, have been shooting in different countries and I am traveling for photography. I have shot commercials, music videos, documentaries and a feature film .. and many things in between.. I like being into the story, a good choice of lenses, moving-camera shots and handheld camera-work. I also operate steadicam.

If you find interest in my work or in working with me, don’t hesitate to contact me



I worked as

Gaffer for national and international commercial and feature film productions                         

and …

Spark/Electrician ... Bestboy for national and international commercial and feature film productions 

Camera assistant - occasionally

Freelance photographer               

Apprenticeship in photography                         

Volunteer at rental-house Cinegate in Hamburg and Cape Town (South Africa)

Working for a TV-station as a trainee       

started in 2002              

©Martin De Chabaneix